Month: August 2017

Review: Laugh at 2017 with Second City’s PARTY TODAY, PANIC TOMORROW

Are recent events making you feel angry, scared, annoyed, freaky? Laugh them off with Second City’s hilarious new revue – PARTY TODAY, PANIC TOMORROW. The funniest performers in Toronto parody the headlines of today in sketches that run all the way from dark, to just plain weird. Leslie Seiler directs the madness, alternating the length

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Review: DIVINE at SummerWorks Entertains with Adventure in a Grim Future

Can you imagine life without water? It’s something we take for granted. Water is always accessible. It’s easy to find. DIVINE, by Natalie Frijia, imagines a world without these luxuries. Directed by Claire Burns, DIVINE presents this one potential future as a post-apocalyptic wasteland – a wild-west complete with bandits, heroes and spies. A mix

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Review: REALITY THEATRE at SummerWorks Panders to the Millennial Attention Span

A study by Microsoft in 2015 revealed that the average person’s attention span (related to social media) is down to eight seconds – less than that of a goldfish. REALITY THEATRE, written by Julia Lederer and directed by Rebecca Applebaum, satisfies this need for constant change. Part of the SummerWorks Festival, the show features quick,

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