Month: September 2017

Review: Britta Johnson’s LIFE AFTER is Musical Theatre Perfection

Sometimes you know, within the first thirty seconds, that you’re seeing something truly special. Britta Johnson’s LIFE AFTER is exquisite from start to finish. Produced by the Musical Stage Company, Canadian Stage and Yonge Street Theatricals, the new Canadian work is the epitome of a well-constructed musical. Johnson’s remarkable, poignant score binds with a moving story, creating

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Review: Escape to Serenity with Toronto Symphony’s BRAHMS GERMAN REQUIEM

Sometimes a striking contrast is just what is needed. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra presents Alexina Louie’s Triple Concerto for Three Violins and Orchestra and Brahms’ Ein deutsches Requiem (BRAHMS GERMAN REQUIEM). Frantic tension meets wonderful tranquility in this double bill. Every program this season opens with a Sesquie for Canada’s 150th. Rolf Boon’s Hyacinth Caelumreflects on the blue skies that

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Review: Technical Wizardry Astounds in Mirvish’s NORTH BY NORTHWEST

You’ve never seen anything like it! Mirvish’s NORTH BY NORTHWEST, based on Alfred Hitchcock’s famous film, fills the gorgeous Royal Alexandra Theatre with suspense and intrigue. Adapted by Carolyn Burns and directed by Simon Phillips, the new stage adaption thrills with witty, technical innovation. A classic take on mistaken identity – Roger O. Thornhill (Jonathan Watton), a dapper advertising

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