Month: December 2017

Review: A Messiah that refuses to play it safe

Growing up as the son of a minister, I learned early on that a religious story like Handel’s Messiah can be told to a faithful audience without emotion or presence from its narrators. With those sacred texts – the proclamation of the coming of Jesus Christ, or the passion of the Christ – the weight is in

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Review: Against the Grain Theatre’s BOUND, Toronto, Dec. 15, 2017

BOUND is Against the Grain Theatre at its best, blending old and new in an immersive operatic experience. With BOUND, Founder & Artistic Director Joel Ivany and Founding Member & Music Director Topher Mokrzewski have created a troubling exposition of an ominously potential future, by fusing the ethereal music of Handel with a newly-fashioned English libretto, framed around the

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Review: First Act Soars, Second Act Bores in THE LORAX at Mirvish

“I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!” screams the puppet with three puppeteers on their knees. Unlike the show, I won’t spend this in rhyme – and I promise to not take as much of your time. THE LORAX, presented by Mirvish is vivaciously visual. Dr. Seuss’s fictional world becomes livable with colourful, captivating

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