About Me

I was born and raised in Halifax, NS where I lived 25 years before moving to Toronto, ON. Growing up in the middle of two sets of twin brothers, middle child syndrome hit me harder than most. 

Also hitting me hard, I was born missing my fibula bone in both legs. After medical consultation, it was decided that amputation of both feet would be the best course of action. I learned to walk on prosthetics and haven’t stopped since.

My legs have given me a unique perspective on life. I was able to spend over fifteen years volunteering with two inspiring organizations, the War Amps of Canada and Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. For my work with these organizations, I was presented with a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013. 

I’ve spent most of my life searching for purpose, which led me in a few strange directions.

My first career aspiration was to be a tornado chaser – you know, like in the movie Twister. That terrified my mother. Instead, I discovered an affinity for horseback riding. By age fifteen, I was competing in international competitions. Life was all horses, all the time. In high school, I traded in my riding boots for jazz shoes, auditioning for the school musical in grade eleven, expecting chorus. I ended up being cast as a supporting lead and became obsessed with musical theatre. All plans to study business or psychology were off the table. Instead, I studied opera at Dalhousie University and spent a few years performing in musicals, plays, and operas.

After my undergrad, I started working in finance to pay the bills, but without a creative outlet, I grew restless. Out of this restlessness, I started a YouTube channel devoted to reviewing theatre and talking about the performing arts. Distancing myself from the theatre community made me realize how unhappy that type of life would make me. I gathered up the courage to move to Toronto, to be closer to more opportunities to see and engage with live theatre.

Once I arrived in Toronto, I started writing for BroadwayWorld.com, seeing as much theatre as I had time to see. My goal with my writing is to convince people to see try something new. If I can write in a way that convinces you to check out a show you otherwise would not have bought a ticket for – then I’m doing my job.


Taylor is currently the Senior Editor for BroadwayWorld.com Toronto and a writer for the 2017-18 Emerging Arts Critics Programme with the National Ballet of Canada and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra