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Review: First Act Soars, Second Act Bores in THE LORAX at Mirvish

“I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!” screams the puppet with three puppeteers on their knees. Unlike the show, I won’t spend this in rhyme – and I promise to not take as much of your time. THE LORAX, presented by Mirvish is vivaciously visual. Dr. Seuss’s fictional world becomes livable with colourful, captivating

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Review: Drayton’s MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET at Mirvish Drags Through the Hits

Most people love jukebox musicals. Seeing some of the greatest hits from legends like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins performed live, creates a nostalgic experience that is undeniably entertaining. Unless you’re not a fan of the jukebox style – and I should state that generally, I am not. Then for you, this type of show drags

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Review: MR. SHI AND HIS LOVER Croons at the Intersection of Musical and Opera

MR. SHI AND HIS LOVER, a new take on an old love story, manipulates perception in a tale of perception manipulation. Through seven non-linear scenes, performed in Mandarin with Chinese and English surtitles, MR. SHI AND HIS LOVER integrates a mix of introspective arias and narrative songs. The themes and boundaries of love are explored

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