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Review: Against the Grain Theatre’s BOUND, Toronto, Dec. 15, 2017

BOUND is Against the Grain Theatre at its best, blending old and new in an immersive operatic experience. With BOUND, Founder & Artistic Director Joel Ivany and Founding Member & Music Director Topher Mokrzewski have created a troubling exposition of an ominously potential future, by fusing the ethereal music of Handel with a newly-fashioned English libretto, framed around the

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Review: MR. SHI AND HIS LOVER Croons at the Intersection of Musical and Opera

MR. SHI AND HIS LOVER, a new take on an old love story, manipulates perception in a tale of perception manipulation. Through seven non-linear scenes, performed in Mandarin with Chinese and English surtitles, MR. SHI AND HIS LOVER integrates a mix of introspective arias and narrative songs. The themes and boundaries of love are explored

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Review: Don Giovanni for the #metoo Generation at UofT Opera, Nov. 23, 2017

A changed world makes for a changed Don Giovanni. Produced by an all female team, UofT Opera’s production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni (seen Nov. 23) struck new chords in how to deal with the leading man’s appalling treatment of women. Flanked by a chorus of silent female observers, the characters in Marilyn Gronsdal’s production were judged, protected, given sympathy and

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